Thursday, November 15, 2007

Turkey Shoots.

Thankskilling is soon to be upon us, as will a holliday weekend. How about a quick two stop race for the duckets, how about some polo? I'll more than likely to be available all weekend for mayhem and the sort. Patches will probably be mellowed out from all the tryptophan he will consume. I know the trees around the polo area are breathing a sigh of relief. As will my Mom in the subsequent comments, I'm sure. Details to be hashed out this Sunday, and posted here so you don't miss out. Again, like my Mom.

1 comment:

PChez said...

I will try to reel in the Mom cuts.
Although yesterday, AFTER I posted
the comment I realized you were lookin for a new surface to play on
and I could have mentioned "assphalt".
And actually, when I reference Mom it's the 208's collective Mom. Not some Sparks consuming child haver.
See you on the pitch bitch!