Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dear Mutha Nature and/or Baby Jeebus

Please bespoke us with the great weather you can be renowned for this Sunday and every one that follows until further notified by me, K? Anything less will be considered bull es and not tolerated.

Sundays, 3:30pm (ish), unless the weather is not cooperating. Just don't blame it on me.

Here's the rules from Worlds up in Toronto. Watch them ridiculous high sticks as well.
CMWC 2008


Sunday, April 13, 2008



Today, bring your own grillinz, even if you can only afford a turkey neck. Mt. Cove @~3ish.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Let's give this a go...

Mt. Cove High parking lot. I know it's not the hub of North End dream timey spot, but we're vagrants. We'll give it a shot, and if it sucks we'll try another spot that is very, very near by. Sorry if this throws anyone's knickers in a knot.

And on a side note, last week I know that there was two calls made to the service counter at George's downtown. Here's the rub down: Don't. Pretty soon them bike geeks will be up to their necks in the crazyness of trying to make everyone's day when their Sunday Greenbelt jaunt goes awry due to catching a flat, or whatever else. Let's not present a situation where someone's feelings get hurt because someone else was short with them on the phone. Get to know your fellow players, get phone numbers, and don't forget- you are in charge of your own reality.

See you Sunday, if not sooner. I'd expect folks down there by three for sure, if not sooner. Till then, go get rad.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

beep beep be beep... news flash...

As we all know, 208 bike polo is always looking for a new home. Recent developments point to we have all but worn out our welcome at North, and with the weather on the up swing we can expect to see the basketball courts there will start to see more usage of their intended nature. There are some irons in the fire as far as us getting a more permanent home, and at this time I can only say that within the next couple of weeks there just might be some good news.
Enough about that. Tune in tomorrow, here, for the location the will probably be our next temporary home.