Saturday, March 22, 2008


North doesn't seem too bad. Thank Patchez for volunteering to make sure the grounds will be worthy of play. (hehehehe)
Seriously, we can make it work, and Washington is pretty dinky. If it totally sucks, maybe we'll just take it back to them old days that we played on grass. Ah... To reminisce... 1:00, or 13:00 hrs for you military types.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Sorry Patchez
Didn't mean to make you scuured.
Polo on Sunday
You all know the drill.
Warriors come out and plaaayay!!!
Barnes knows a little about it.

Sleep tight till then, kiddies!

Back From The Dead

That's right, kiddies. Easter weekend. What day shall we play? Sunday? Saturday? Start putting your votes in on the comments page, or you may fall victim to having a choice made that you may not like. Maybe you don't care. Maybe you just need someone to decide for you, I don't know. If you can't make it, fine. If you can, cool. Just don't say we didn't give you a chance to give your $.02.