Monday, November 12, 2007


We'll I thinks that the weather has turned here in Boise for the winter side. This puts a bit of a damper on the whole grass playing thing, which is cool, but we need some good ideas for a new home. Although we have had some rumblings of getting in with the Roller Derby Girls practice spot, I'm going to play nay sayer and think that they're going to shut us down on our idea. So here we are. Homeless, and going to have to think of working our cardboard elsewhere. This is a bit of a preemptive strike on making a bad name for ourselves with Parks and Rec before we can get any sort of dialogue with them for a spot somewhere with some 'crete. This is coming on the heels of a tear down on the grass at The Toe. I don't want to go down the road of "Well, you tore the crap out of the turf at the park" conversation while asking them for something that like anything that's not all wholesome and good and family orientated in their eyes. Just saying.

If you have some spots, post them here in the comments and we can treat it like a forum, or not to keep it on the DL. I've found it interesting that the Sunday after the Weekly's article that no one new showed. Maybe her putiing the "hipster" label on it was a blessing in disguise. What hipster wants to do something that has already been deemed hipster in the press? Kudos to the writer for also mentioning messenger as well, though. I'm sure that it created the ultimate mind fuck for those still trying to figure out where they fit in all of that. Maybe they got a few more listens in on the latest Cursive album while trying to sort out their new conundrum. Who's to say?

Moving on, though. Still some good play out there. The newbies seem to be picking the game up well, and those of us that have been out for a while are getting better as well. Still some dodgy bike riding, but as folks start noticing that there's more to the game than mowing others over, or posting up in a line, things will start getting more fluid. And, again the progression on to concrete or asphalt will help facilitate that as well. One question is where are all the ladies? Sooner or later they will show up to play, I suppose...

Well, here's to one less horse.


fourthree said...

I was thinking that North Jr. High might yield fruit. It has a grass field AND a paved b-ball court. I'm not sure about the lighting after dark but I can check it out. I'll even pick up dog poo.
I'm sad about missing the action on Sunday. "Honey-Do" day. Whatcha gonna do?

Shawn said...

Great lighting, not-so-great pavement : old Steven's Hanegar(sp?) college/post office/K-Mart(??) parking lot. Corner of Americana and Shoreline.

Pink Mallet of Doom said...

I was thinking...yer mom's backyard? Slight incline,smooth surface and open 24 hours.
FSSSSSSSSSSSSST,you got burned.

fourthree said...

As everyone suspected would happen I broke my bamboo mallet. Does anybody have a spare ski pole?
Also, are there Friday games happen'n?


tink said...


yep friday 230 3 ish... see yout there!

Boise Bike Polo said...

I'll bring you what you need, Schools. Except for the tape/handle set up. Ooh, and the 7/64 bit. Suckers keep snapping 'em.