Monday, October 29, 2007

Up and Running

It is true. Your worst fears have been realised. Bike polo is now made it's way to Boise. As of now, we're meeting on Sundays at Camel's Back park next to them tennis courts @ noon. Although there are two loaner mallets, we encourage you to get a couple of friends together to make some of your own. Stay tuned for directions on how to accomplish this great feat here or at the myspace page that has been set up for your pleasure.

Week 5 was a good one, though it was very apparent that almost everyone involved used alot of their energy for the Warlock's 3rd annual Halloween alleycat Hellracer. Congrats go out to BBP players Warren and Charlie for their (respectively) first and second place finishes. Also, thanks to those no shadow casting maniacs Schools, Patches and T-Ravish for throwing another great event. 98 folks showed up to race Saturday evening and all had to have had fun. I know I did. MR. DNA? MR. MIA....

It's looking like Wednesday nights will be added to the mix for pick up's as well. Start getting you teams formed so we can get ourselves a league going, and a tournament for after one of these upcoming alleycats. Obviously, stay tuned right here for all that important info. Hard court will be the next step now that folks are getting their skills worked out.

Keep the rubber side down 'till next time!!!