Friday, November 16, 2007

New Spot on Sundays (For Now)

North Jr. High, 13th and Fort St. Noonish as usual. Mom said so.


pink mallet of doom said...

Nice. Maybe that lil gate will closed to auto traffic, it being the Lord's Day and all.
The surface is good and I like the inclusion of sand traps and water hazards, we're gettin so extreme I might have to snap into a slim jim!
Or maybe we can start havin games up on Mountain Dew.
P.M.of D.

tink said...

dew eh? high on bibi would be better!

P.M.O.D. said...

I have ventured beyond the realm of the BiBi buzz. I don't feel nothin after two and three is just a half&half overdose.Maybe a little vodka infusion will do the trick.
But for the polo action I will prolly stick with cervezas.Or maybe try that Sparx everyone is hot on. Or some mibrosas.The possibilities are endless.
(oh yeah..anyone have any ideas on how to get into a sold out show at the Nerdolux? Beside giving Tooth some manlove at the door).

Anonymous said...

Ummm...Guys...We can't drink at North Jr. High. Thanks to the drug free schools law, that can be an automatic felony.


public consumpshen said...

just like drinking on the river, waldorf. put it in a different container.

tink said...

yeah public! finger to the nose! and btw.. we would get you in to the show but you probably wont show up! (aka witchcraft)

Hatrick said...

Beat it Tink,I don't go where I wanna go got it?
As for prinking in drublic,I will be packing the Mi-bro-sas on Turkey Day and THE MAN ain't gonna stop me.Plus I'll be hiding it in one of those fancy water bottles from REI.
Give Thanks,bitches.

tink said...

hatrick... okay, you win.

Boise Bike Polo said...

If the fuzz does show up pray that hattrick is winning- he might mistake him foe a cone or tree or
Pauly. OH NOES??!