Monday, November 5, 2007


Times are settling out for playing times for us. Fall schedule is as follows:

Wednesday Evenings: 3:30ish till dark or death

Friday Evenings: Same as above

Sunday afternoons: 11~12ish till dark or death

Of course, I know some of you all are doing your own thing as well, which is cool, and you can always let a Ninja know. Assume that we're meeting at Camel's Back until further notice. Feel free to suggest other times or places in the comments section on this blog post and we can work it in the schedule.

For those who missed this Sunday, you missed much. For instance you missed some wicked hang gliding action. You also missed two seperate dogs taking two seperate shits on the pitch and two seperate owners not picking it up. Megan was steamed (haha I made a pun haha) and picked both sets of duces up. the Weekly was out, thumbs thoroughly emplaced on the pulse of "cool" things going on in our unfair city. And you also missed the longest last point for the last game ever. It was literally one of those everyone is too tired to play offense, so D the the fuck out of each other till someone caves scenarios. Epic. So, yeah.... that's where it stands for now. See you out there. Don't forget my Sparks.


Anonymous said...

I am currently discussing an indoor option with the roller Girls at their practice facility but it sounds like it's too small to be viable.
We'll get an indoor spot soon enough, I know it's too cold for some of you (i.e. everyone that owns a mallet that isn't pink)to stay outside.
P.S. Yer Mom forgets the Sparks.


Anonymous said...

Sooooooooo excited to play. Lurking last Sunday got me all hot and bothered. My schedule will not allow me every week but I will get my game on as much as possible (every other with anomalies in between).

I wonder if you could possibly give your 2 cents worth on what you think matters most/least about the kind of bicycle you think is best/worst for play? -Bart

Boise Bike Polo said...

The worst possible bike to play on would probably be a cervelo p3 carbon time trial bike. Anything else that you don't care about getting beat to shit and that the parts are easy to replace for cheap will do just fine.

tink said...

my two cents...just show up motherf*cker!