Thursday, May 8, 2008

Friday Knights

Shall we? Me thinks YES! 5:15ish at the Cove? Come and get some!

PS: If you do not have your own mallet yet, it's high time for you to make one. Don't know how? Be learned.


Polo Rey said...

See you then scary, mean gerbils.

Boise PCC said...

If anyone needs ABS for mallet heads, let me know. I've got a ton of it gathering dust.

Anonymous said...

how bout gomez hittin for the cycle?! i can take some ABS off yer hands if'n you got extra.
drop it by the hammer and i'll bring you a leine's on sunday.

Boise PCC said...

I'll bring it tonight, if you're not there I'll work out getting it to you.

Gomez Rules. I still miss Tori, but that cycle helped ease the pain a bit.