Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dear Mutha Nature and/or Baby Jeebus

Please bespoke us with the great weather you can be renowned for this Sunday and every one that follows until further notified by me, K? Anything less will be considered bull es and not tolerated.

Sundays, 3:30pm (ish), unless the weather is not cooperating. Just don't blame it on me.

Here's the rules from Worlds up in Toronto. Watch them ridiculous high sticks as well.
CMWC 2008



fourthree said...

BLACK MALLET approaches! Be thee ware!

a. mortician said...

Dear Boise Bike Polo,

will you pleeeeeeeeeze post my blog address to your site so that everyone will come and ride the bikes and rec alleycat on Saturday May 17? I only plead because I think you are rad and I need your street cred.

P77 said...

Black Mallet? Sheeeeit,Beware the Shit Stick, brother.Even if it is inferior metal and already bent after one afternoon of play.
I am on the hunt for ski poles this week, anyone need ABS or poles? I know Charlie's mallet got gaffled so I'm lookin out for ya
C39. Friday Night Polo anyone? This week? Same locale?