Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Catch Rec

Bikes and Rec this Saturday, go and get some! (Clck the link over ---->there with all the others for more info) While after partying, get with Patches or Artimus to find out the deal for polo this weekend. The wife and I are off to Seattle and then Mt. Baker to festivity partake for some wedding action. See you next week, and have some fun.


a. mortician said...

you two will be missed. Let me know what I can do for DnP. Thanks for all the love.

pee77 said...

Polo at 6pm today (sunday)? it's perty hot out there. Art,emailme your number if you get this. warlocksbc@hotmail.com P77

polo rey said...

i guess the cove lot is covered with earthmovers and the like. new pitch? monday afternoon bbq throwdown? anyone,anyone? buehler?