Monday, April 27, 2009


I pedaled by our old polo grounds tonight. North Jr High is getting the extreme makeover. We won't be playing there anytime soon, if ever again. Pour some on the curb for a dead homey. But, as all good things must end, even better things can rise and replace. On the horizon (Thursday May 14th)we have a chance to play on the Basque Block. No cars, just bikes, beer and live music. Boise Bike Week has the entire block reserved for a night of festivities and I was asked to organize some pick-up polo. So, we need to get snappy and start playing some matches before then. Please post comments here as to when/where (civic plaza is good still)and let's get after it. This event will be a chance to acquire some new players and revive the action. You know you wanna.
P77, 4.27.09


oldschooly said...

I know we don't have the time but we ought to pour a slab in your back yard and build a court complete with boards and a keg-erator. You have the room.

And what's this about an Alleycat that night?

dirty and pink said...

hell yeah!

a. mortician said...

Y'all are very welcome to come and promote the sport at the VAC on Saturday, May 2. We are going to have both parking lots blocked off for beer drinking bike riding hooliganism. Totally up to you, I will be drunk.

Anonymous said...

A. Mort-
Lemmee see what sort of roundin' up I can do between now and then. Seems like a perfect fit: bikes beer rocknroll and polo. Yup.
Thanks for the offer.