Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Fall Hours????

The Frost on my lawn this morning and the diminishing daylight might be an indicator that fall is here.  We need to set a new time Sunday.  When would be a goodtime for everyone?  Please leave us comments and we will try to schedule a time that works with the majority.  Also our one year anniversary of playing bike polo is this month.  Maybe we can have a vintage game on the grass at Camels Back with mimosa's in celebration.  


dizzle said...

there's a volleyball court inhabiting the old spot at camels back.

Pee77 said...

Volleyball?! CamelsToe Park? Oh the madness. That's lame, I'm down for a throwback game and who doesn't like a late sunday morning "bro-mosa" binge now an again?
As for a new regular playing time- how about noon again?
Earlier is better for me personally, although my availability fluctuates with the Packers games, just sayin'.
Grass roots. Small soccer ball?

dirty and pink alley cat said...

have fun boys! congrats on making it a year!

p77 said...

5pm North Jr today? Anyone? Buehller?