Saturday, August 9, 2008

Every Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Bike Polo at the Civic Plaza at 6pm.  


Anonymous said...

Hockey helmets and spare mallets encouraged!
Shit got a bit chippy last weekend, let's keep it (kinda) clean and have a good time lads.Having a broken mallet on the sideline to destroy did wonders for my anger management: I got really angry and managed to wreck the shit outta that thing.
Looking forward to tonite-see ya'll in a few.

Anonymous said...

How come so late? I can't stay out that late or I'll get grounded. Have to be home for dinner, ya know?

Any plans to go earlier at some point?

tink said...

i like the anger management tool! go get em guys! shorty show up to play yet?

P77 said...

Daylight (or lack of) will force us to play earlier.
The George's guys don't finish til 6 so that's why we've been starting then.
I would like to get a morning match followed by lunch and refreshments happening.
There is also talk of the Bike Porn Short Films people coming thru with a polo crew and they wanna get down, details to come.
To Tink: no dice on any ladies playing since you left, not even Wilbur! Yeah Wilbur, your fear of being called out have come to light.

tink said...

wilbur can be on my all girls team any day! miss you guys! come to pdx and play!

Anonymous said...

"come to pdx and play" You guys play at the airport in portland? Thats weird, must be kinda hard with all of the planes and people and stuff.