Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thursday Polo.

Well word on the street is that we'll be playing some polo on Thursday 7/31 (tomorrow). Yeah, it's true. We'll be at Civic Plaza at 6p.m. playing some games and bidding Megan farewell. This will be her last bit at Boise Bike Polo before moving on to Portland and some 503 polo action. I'm sure she'll show 'em how it's done. Go get 'em tiger.
So come on out and, once again, tell your friends. We're looking for new players so if you know someone who likes to ride their bike and who may enjoy some friendly competition bring them out.


dirty and pink alley cat said...

does someone have a freakin' bike I can use and a mallet cuz shit, man my stuffs in PDX!

adam said...

10-9 what's your 20 208? 206 is 3 hrs north of pdx which is 503. grap your fast map and your bible your route is way off. doa no tag for you.

Boise Bike Polo said...

OK Tooth. Noted and corrected. I'm 10-8.