Thursday, January 17, 2008

Saturday=The New Sunday?

Well, it's been kicked around a little bit. Let's sound off on Saturdays being the new Sunday for a bit. Thoughts? If you don't feel like commenting on this here, let's talk a bit at the Inversion Excursion III. What's that you say? A nice little ride put together by or friends the Velo Pirates. And don't be put off by the 'Cross part: Cody and Jason always put on a fun race. See you there, suckas!


p77 said...

Sounds wonderful. I've been trying to persuade the bar regulars that the new 2008 tipping standards have increased:30% is the new %20. Nobody's buying it.
I'm finishing my performance enhancers and headin out to Inversion 3. See yous there.

P77 said...

As Margie the cop says to Mike Yamagita in Fargo "Well, it's been a long time Mike". And it has, let's play some fuckin polo!
Sposed to snow tonite then rain the rest of the week so it should be clear/dry by the weekend.I'll even sweep if need be. Let's git it on!

mervin gehy sez: said...

Let's git it on! ALL OVER!